In water storage applications, it is important that the quality of the stored water remains optimal. This is why we offer various options for covering the silo. With a cover in place, there is very little chance of algae formation, evaporation and leaves cannot contaminate the water.

Tensioned anti-algae covers

Our tensioned anti-algae covers are made from 210 grammes woven polypropylene with a reinforced edge and stainless steel eyelets. The cover can easily be supported with PVC tubes. This cover is subsequently attached to the outside of the tank with special hooks and nylon cord. The primary purpose of the anti-algae cover is, as the name suggests, to prevent algae growth. It also prevents contamination of the tank contents with small objects and protects against water evaporation. The woven cover is water permeable.

The tensioned anti-algae covers are most suitable for tanks with a diameter of up to approx. 9 metres. For larger diameters, we recommend installing a reinforcement ring in the upper ring, combined with a central support system. Another option is to choose one of the two different types of floating cover that we offer.

Floating anti-algae covers


The ENPI-float is a floating cover made from polypropylene. It is a smart solution to the problem of algae, contamination and sunlight. This type of cover has been specifically developed for outdoor applications with larger diameters. The ease of installation is great; centre poles or reinforcement rings for instead, are not necessary. The surface of the cover is covered with small, air-filled bubbles, which give the cover a high degree of buoyancy. The top layer of the cover is white, which reflects UV rays. This reduces heating of the water in areas with high levels of sunlight. The cover is UV-resistant and therefore guarantees a long life span. This cover is also easy to clean.

Floating anti-algae cover

The floating anti-algae cover is specially designed for tanks with a diameter larger than approx. 10 m. This cover is produced from woven polypropylene. It is fitted with long pockets, into which light PVC buoyancy tubes are inserted. This lightweight frame gives the cover a high degree of buoyancy, while simultaneously ensuring that the water surface is almost completely covered. The closed structure of the cover protects against contamination and UV radiation, while allowing rainwater to pass through.

Steel roof

The galvanised steel roof is one of our most robust covering systems. This cover type has been specially developed for NPI tanks and is an excellent way of fully covering a water silo. A galvanised roof is the perfect closing system for drinking water and other liquids that require protection from contamination and evaporation. A steel roof also protects against all weather conditions.

The steel roof is easy to install. The roof consists of lightweight, easy-to-handle panels that can be linked together to create a watertight roof. The steel roof is provided with two hatches as standard to allow access to the tank. The galvanised steel roof is suitable for covering tanks with a diameter of up to 14.63 metres.

Floating anti-algae cover
Galvanised steel roof
Tensioned AA cover
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