Two 1,7 million liter tanks for vines, almonds and olives, Portugal


Project info

Near the Spanish border, in the vicinities of Elvas, a property comprising 90 hectares of vines and 50 hectares of almonds and this area will be soon expanded with 40 hectares of olives.

In the current situation an excavated reservoir irrigates 90 hectares of vines and 50 hectares of almonds. An 1700 m3 main water tank irrigates 10 hectares of vines and 40 hectares of almonds. There is one 20 hp pump installed on a floater 1 km away from the 450 m3 buffer tank to fill it up with water from the river.

Two pumps of 75 hp each send the water to the main 1700 m3 tank and to one excavated reservoir. The water runs 6,7 km from the buffer tank to the main tank, going through two 250 mm pipes.

In the near future a new 1700 m3 tank will be built to irrigate 40 hectares of olives, that soon will be installed.

The irrigation and tanks were installed by Antonio Conceição (Sistemas de Rega).