Steel water tanks


These days we see more and more weather extremes: longer periods of droughts and shorter periods of heavy rainfall. Together with population growth, it causes that safe and fresh water is becoming more scarce. This makes it important to store and reuse water.

The foundation of building up a water buffer is having a system that can store water. Installing water tanks or basins enable water storage and reuse. Our galvanized steel water tanks offer a reliable solution for water storage needs because of several benefits.

NPI galvanized steel water tanks

Need a reliable way to store water? We engineer our steel water tanks for durability and ease of use. Made with high-quality steel and lining materials, these tanks require minimal maintenance and offer a long lifespan. The closed and impermeable design minimizes water loss through evaporation, while also allowing for precise control over water levels. This closed system also makes it easy to maintain water quality through filtration or treatment systems.

Their strength may be deceiving, but these tanks are surprisingly versatile. These tanks come in different sizes and can store up to 2500 cubic meters of water, while using minimal space. Installation is a breeze.

The tanks come prefabricated in sections, including metal panels, liners, protective layers, and even covers. Simply assemble the sections on-site, for a quick and easy setup.

We’ve even made global transportation cost-effective. By compactly packaging the tanks, we can ship them anywhere in the world. We design our small panel tanks to fit into compact spaces such as trucks and containers. This makes them easy to deliver to any location, even those with limited access.

Steel water tank for rainwater collection
Galvanized teel water tank for rainwater collection

Applications of our steel water tanks

Clean water is vital in many industries. Our steel water tanks are versatile and serve a wide variety of markets and applications. NPI offers water storage solutions for different uses. These include irrigation, fish farming, agriculture, industries, civil engineering, firefighting, rainwater collection, and clean drinking water storage. 

Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks
water tank supplier
water tank supplier
Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks
Steel water tanks

NPI galvanized steel water tanks

At NPI we offer different types of tanks and a wide variety of diameters and heights. We offer more than 400 sizes as a standard. This way, there is a water tank for every size facility.

Our most ordered steel water tank types

  • Standard tanks
    These tanks have a minimum of 0.8 mm steel thickness
  • Type A watertank
    These tanks have a minimum of 1.0 mm steel thickness
  • Short panel watertank
    These panels are 2,24 meter long and fit sideways in containers and trucks, reducing shipping costs
  • Coated watertank
    We always advise to get the bottom ring panels of the water tanks coated. We offer coating per ring and as many as panel rings desired can come coated. Customers can even opt for an entirely coated tank.
  • E-range watertank
    These tanks are designed for heavy duty industrial applications. 
  • Fish farm water tank
    These tanks have special heights and silo linings to guarantee optimum safety in fish farming.

Customize solutions

We can make a water tank in the size, materials, and appearance that the customer wants. The customer can customize the tank to fit their needs, surroundings, and preferences. We can adjust the size, materials, and appearance of the tank to match what the customer wants.

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Steel water tanks projects

Installation and maintenance NPI water tanks

We produce our modular tanks as a prefabricated package for supply. This indicates that the tank comes as a complete construction kit, which includes all installation materials (excluding tools). The custom-made silo are as a standard supplied with cord, protection fleece, clamp profile and the Install+ fixing system. We can prefabricate outlets in the diameter of your choice and weld these into place at the desired location.

With the construction kit, assembling the silos only requires labour and a few simple tools. Our modular tanks are great for export and global use because of their materials, compact shipping, and easy installation. Every tank always includes a complete instruction guide.

Standards and quality certifications

For almost all water storage applications strict norms and standards apply. Water needs to be and stay of good quality and safety is crucial. We are KIWA, certified for processing films. This means we meet strict safety and quality standards set by ISO 9001, CE, and VCA. These certifications allow us to process plastic films both in our production facility and on-site under certification.

We tested all steel configurations using calculation models and they have a minimum safety tolerance of 40%. This means that the steel constructions are 40% stronger over the required strength for the storage of water.

Steel water tanks

NPI’s commitment to quality, safety and environment

At NPI, quality and making things better is always our focus. Sometimes, we go beyond what the approval authorities recommend by adding extra procedures. Our certifications, quality control, entry and exit protocols, and testing ensure the quality of our products. The result? Products with a high and constant quality. NPI ensures:

  • Minimum safety margin of 40% on all standard steel structures
  • High quality of raw materials
  • KIWA certified welding experts
  • Good warrantees

AEO – Expert in export!
We devote a great deal of attention to our shipments. Our Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification confirms this. With this certificate, both NPI and our clients enjoy multiple benefits in international trade. We have fewer physical and administrative checks, and certain scan checks prioritize us. This leads to more rapid completion of the procedures and lower administrative costs. With the AEO certificate, NPI has proven itself a reliable export partner!

The CE marking is a clear indicator that a product complies with EU legislation. A CE marking indicates that we have tested our products to comply with EU laws. It means our products are safe, perform well, and meet environmental standards. This CE marking obliges us to issue Declarations of Performance (DoP) for the products concerned. NPI BV has DoP declarations for the ENPEX FPP films. On this page you can view and/or download these statements as separate PDFs.

NPI and a better environment

Our high quality water storage solutions should not be at the expense of the environment, we believe at NPI. We value sustainable choices and prefer options that have a lesser impact on nature. Which choices do we make?

  • Our water tanks, both steel and silo liners, are durable products. They remain in use for tens of years before they end up in the waste chain.
  • Our steel and liners are easily recyclable when they finally need replacement. We let the majority of our films recycle, such as PVC, 4everflex and FPP. This includes rest pieces. We also enable the producers getting it back to us and the market in the most sustainable way.
  • We re-use packing materials.
  • Our liners are eco-friendly produced, with low emissions. We process them without aggressive chemical solvents and they do not contain any heavy metals.
  • We have equipped our warehouse and production facilities with durable machinery and LED lighting.
  • Also: hundreds of solar panels cover our roofs and all our lease cars are electric cars!

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are guiding principles for our production and we strive to continuously make our processes and products more sustainable!

Steel water tank build by NPI Water storage

The role of steel water tanks in sustainable water management and a cleaner future

The positive impact of our steel water tanks is twofold. On one side steel water tanks are highly durable ensuring long-term water storage solutions. At the same time, steel water tanks contribute to building resilience against extreme weather events. Due to climate change, population growth and pollution, good quality water is getting scarce. Pumping up ground water is not a long term option since it is expensive, of lower quality and it severely harms the ecosystem. By collecting water and creating water buffers, water is made available at moments when needed and reliance on unsustainable sources is reduced. This availability of fresh and safe water helps communities, horticulture, agriculture, food processing industries. In a clean and sustainable way!

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NPI steel water tanks for sustainable water storage and future

Considering our steel tanks for water storage is a smart choice. They offer reliability, durability and flexibility, making them ideal for various needs. With steel water tanks, you will benefit a tailor-made and long-lasting solution while contributing to sustainable water management.