Quality systems

Quality is the foundation for everything we do. The various certifications we have achieved guarantee this. We are KIWA, ISO 9001, CE and VCA certified for the processing of various films, which means we comply with strict international safety and quality standards. Our multiple certifications allow us to carry out processing operations on plastic films on both the work floor and on location under certification. This is extremely valuable for applications where strict standards apply, such as environmental protection and drinking water storage.

Our quality control system, goods entry and exit protocols, constant testing and controls guarantee the quality of the products we supply. The result? Products with a high and constant quality. NPI ensures:

  • Minimum safety margin of 40% on all standard steel structures
  • High quality of raw materials
  • KIWA certified welding experts
  • Annual audits on labour, processes and equipment
  • Good warrantees
  • Certified suppliers

Research and development

In addition to our commitment to excellent product quality, we strive to continuously improve our products and services. Our constant research and development means that our resellers can enhance their company’s image by offering their customers good NPI value and an NPI water tank that will meet their needs for many years to come.

AEO – Expert in export!

We devote a great deal of attention to our shipments. Our Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification confirms this. With this certificate, both NPI and our clients enjoy multiple benefits in international trade. There are fewer physical and administrative checks and we are given priority during certain scan checks. This leads to more rapid completion of the procedures and lower administrative costs. With the AEO certificate, NPI has proven itself a reliable export partner!


Quality and improvement are always paramount within NPI. Sometimes this means that we apply even more procedures than advised by the various inspection authorities. We can now add the CE marking to the list!

The CE marking is a clear indicator that a product complies with EU legislation. A CE marking certifies that our products have been tested in accordance with all applicable EU legislation requiring the CE marking and are in compliance with the health, safety, performance and environmental requirements relevant to our products.

This CE marking obliges us to issue Declarations of Performance (DoP) for the products concerned. NPI BV has DoP declarations for the ENPEX FPP films. On this page you can view and/or download these statements as separate PDFs.


Please contact us for more information about our quality and certifications.