Installation is simple

Our modular tanks are produced in such a way that they can be supplied as a prefabricated package. This means the tank is supplied as a complete construction kit, including all installation materials (excluding tools). Installing the metal walls is quick and easy, thanks to the supplied fixing materials and the clear installation instructions. With the construction kit, assembling the silos only requires labour and a few simple tools. The materials, compact shipping and simple installation mean that our modular tanks are extremely suitable for export and applications across the globe.



The quality of the materials guarantees a long lifespan. If necessary, the tank can be disassembled and reused at another location. This is not possible with classic concrete storage silos.

Silo linings and accessories

The metal walls are lined with a suitable film for your desired application. Our silo linings are made to measure for each project and are supplied with cord, protection fleece and clamp profile as standard, as well as the highly effective Install+ fixing system. This protection fleece, the silo lining and the accessories are also easy to install. We can prefabricate outlets in the diameter of your choice and weld these into place at the desired location.

Dealer network

If you require help or supervision during installation, you can rely on help from our local dealers or directly from NPI. NPI supplies modular tanks via an extensive dealer network. Our dealers are based in more than 60 countries worldwide, which means we are never far away.  

Would you like to know more about installing our modular tanks? Please contact our advisers.
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