NPI supplies a wide range of accessories to complete your tank. These include various types of outlets. These allow you to connect the tank to other tanks or to pumping stations for filling and emptying.

Conical outlets

Our prefab conical outlets consist of a footplate with a conical sleeve. Thanks to the conical shape, this fitting type can be pulled tightly over the pipe to which it is connected. These conical outlets can be produced in any desired diameter. They can also be welded into place at any point on the tank base.

Production of conical outlets

Mechanical outlets

The location of outlets in the base is often not known at the time of manufacture of the silo lining. In such situations, a mechanical outlet is the ideal outlet type, as it can be installed on location using a screw connection. These outlets are available in various diameters and create a flat base surface. This is ideal for fully emptying the tank, for example during maintenance.

Galvanised outlets

Galvanised outlets have been specially developed for installation in tank walls, to fill or empty the tank.

Reinforcement ring

In some cases, it is necessary to install a reinforcement ring in the tank. Extra reinforcement is necessary for tanks larger than 9 metres with a stretched anti-algae cover and tanks that are located outside. This allows the tank to withstand large volumes of water falling on the cover and all weather conditions.

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