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Excavated basins

As an experienced film processor, NPI has supplied basin films for excavated basins for many years. These excavated basins are made up from earthen walls, lined with one of our high-quality films with a long lifespan. Excavated basins have many applications and multiple benefits. For example: a large storage capacity, flexibility in shape and size and low investment cost per cubic metre.

Applications and benefits

There are many applications for excavated water basins, from agriculture and horticulture to civil engineering projects, environmental and leisure projects. However, the same benefit applies to all excavated basin applications: the capacity to store large volumes of water. The benefits in summary:

  • Prefabricated liner, welded inside under perfect circumstances
  • High degree of flexibility in shape and size
  • Low investment cost per square metre
  • Quick installation on site
basin films for an excavated basin in horticulture

Film specialist

As one of the longest-established film processors, NPI specialises in the supply of basin films. We provide various types of basin films, determining the appropriate type based on the subsurface, the type of storage water and the preferences of the end user.

Working method

We can produce bespoke LDPE, PVC and polypropylene films of up to around 10,000 m² in our production hall. Additionally, we can weld the prefab film sheets together on location. Similarly, if desired, our specialist assembly teams can survey the site, supervise the rolling out of the film, handle the welding on location, installing the bespoke outlets and installing embankment protection.

Embankment protection

For excavated basins in the horticulture sector, we advise applying geotextiles on the side of the basin embankment as embankment protection. This geotextile protects the film on the embankment against UV light, wind, weeds and vermin. We also offer several options for covering the water basin. With a cover in place, algae cannot form, evaporation is prevented and leaves etc. cannot contaminate the basin. Therefore, a cover guarantees optimal water quality and a longer lifespan of the storage system!


We have carried out various projects in the Netherlands and abroad where we supplied and installed basin liners. Read more about a few of our projects, in Belgium, the Netherlands, Serbia, South Korea, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Canada.

Curious about the possibilities of film for water basins? We would be happy to advise you.
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