Water tank equipped with the latest novelties, Portugal

Project info

This water tank was erected in Southern Portugal last year. What stands out is the fact that the water tank is equipped with the latest technologies and features.


This installation is located on the Algarve mountains on a property that grows Strawberry Trees (Arbutus Unedo). Its fruit is used mostly to produce the famous “Medronho”, a type of firewater, an alcoholic beverage with high level of alcohol.


This tank irrigates the medronhos and is equipped with several novalties. One that stands out is the steel; the tank walls are made of MagiZinc®. This MagiZinc® is a new alloy, equaling 600 gram galvanization. It is an innovative replacement for conventional galvanised steels, providing superior corrosion protection even in harsh environments. It is very suitable for indoor and outdoor water tanks; it can be used to a.o. extend product life. The customer says the new MagiZinc® steel plates feel strong and well finished.

A gravity fed irrigation system and solar panels

The irrigation of the trees is made by gravity and the tank is filled with water that comes from a well located 350 meters away. The vertical height difference from the tank to the well is 85 meters. Solar panels provide power for the pump.


Another technology applied is the connection between the water tank and the customer’s phone. The water level inside the tank and the charge of the solar panels can be remotely accessed through an app on his phone.