Water tanks at a power plant, Thailand


Process water

Near the city of Lampang, Thailand, two NPI water tanks at a power plant can be found. These are crucial components at the power plant, because they optimise efficiency; they each serve a distinct purpose in the plant’s operational processes.

Did you know that many NPI tanks serve as storage tank for process water in industries all over the world?

Raw water storage

The larger of the two tanks stores raw water. It has 2,000 m3 capacity with a diameter of 29,26 meter and a height of 3,05 meter. The raw water is sourced directly from its natural state. This reservoir plays an important role in ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of untreated water. Thus, the power generation process relies on this raw water as an input.

Clear water storage

Complementing the raw water tank, is a second tank with a capacity of 1,000m3. More specifically, this silo features a diameter of 18,29 meter and a height of 3,81 meter. The power facility uses this tank specifically for clear water storage, signifying its role in the treatment and purification phase of the water supply. Clear water is essential for various aspects within the power plant, this includes cooling systems and other machinery.

Water tanks at power plant ensure consistency

The facility opted for the installation of water storage tanks to be sure that the plant would have a consistent flow of water throughout its processes.

water tanks at a power plant, Thailand