Water tanks at the second largest tomato nursery, Sweden


In the second-largest tomato nursery in Sweden, tomatoes have been cultivated for 35 years. The season begins in mid-January when they plant approximately 200,000 tomato plants in the 60,000 m2 greenhouses. By the end of the season, the company has harvested about 2,700 tons of tomatoes, equivalent to approximately 300,000 tomatoes per day. They cultivate 6 different tomato varieties, and one thing is crucial for all 6 varieties: taste comes first.

Reusing excess water

As a food producer, they take responsibility for the environment in various ways. Tomatoes are thirsty plants that require a significant amount of water and fertiliser. The company has a recirculation system that collects and reuses over-fertilised water in the operation, thus avoiding over-fertilisation of the soil.

NPI steel water tanks

A dealer installed three NPI water tanks at this tomato nursery. Two measure 7,32 x 3,81 meters and one measures 9,14 x 3,81 meters. ENPEX FPP 0,75 was installed as lining material.

Water tanks at the second largest tomato nursery, Sweden