Water tanks for a forest nursery, Poland


Water tanks for the irrigation of a forest nursery

In southeast Poland our dealer installed this fine duo of water tanks. The large tank stores water for the irrigation of a forest nursery. The small tank collects water from the backwash process of filters used in water treatment. The customer operates a water filtration system to remove sediments and other contaminants from the water before it reaches the large tank. Periodically, these filters need cleaning and the backwash process flushes out accumulated debris. After the filter backwash water has been collected in the small tank, an automatic pumping system transfers after two hours the collected backwash water to the larger irrigation water tank.

This way, proper irrigation of the forest nursery is ensured. Very important, since consistent watering plays a crucial role in ensuring the healthy growth and development of tree seedlings. Thus, water tanks for a forest nursery are unmissable as link in a watering system.

Forests in Poland

NPI works regularly together with this Polish dealer, who equips many forest nurseries in Poland with watering systems. No wonder, Poland is one of the most forested countries in Europe. Forests play a significant role in Poland’s landscape and Poland has a history of reforestation efforts.

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Water tank for a forest nursery