Anti-algae covers


Recommendations on how to handle your anti-algae cover in wintertime

The summer is coming to an end and autumn is just around the corner. The seasonal change implies some recommendations for handling a tensioned anti-algae cover at your water tank.


Algae are known for clogging up filters and driplines, leading to plant failure and extra maintenance. Our standard tensioned anti-algae cover is designed to reduce sunlight in the water and hence the growth of algae. This ensures clean filters and driplines releasing the right amount of water to your plants.

Your anti-algae cover in wintertime

In autumn and wintertime the sun is getting lower, so algae do grow less. For outside installations this is the time to carefully check your tank cover. Dirt, debris (falling leaves), snow and large amounts of rain water can cause the cover to become impermeable and heavy, adding unwanted inward forces on the supporting steel structure of your tank.

Our recommendation

The best option is to remove your anti-algae cover, clean it and store it. Place it back again in springtime.

Anti-algae covers

Our anti-algae covers

Our tensioned anti-algae covers are made from 210 gr. woven polypropylene with a reinforced edge and stainless steel eyelets. The cover can easily be supported with PVC tubes. This cover is subsequently attached to the outside of the tank with special hooks and nylon cord. The primary purpose of the anti-algae cover is, as the name suggests, to prevent algae growth. It also prevents contamination of the tank contents with small objects and protects against water evaporation. The woven cover is water permeable.

The tensioned anti-algae covers are most suitable for tanks with a diameter of up to approx. 9 metres. For larger diameters, we recommend installing a reinforcement ring in the upper ring, combined with a centre pole. 

  • Maximum reduction in algae growth
  • Blocking debris
  • Easy to install
  • Compact for transport
  • Permeable
  • Low maintenance
  • High UV-resistance
Check with our us for further information and different types of covers. Call or mail our sales team!