Silo linings


To guarantee that our silos remain watertight, the metal walls of the tank are lined with a suitable film for the application. To ensure that the highest possible silo lining quality is available for every application, we supply various films for silo linings.

Enpex FPP

One of the most commonly used films is Enpex FPP. This durable film is available in several thicknesses and is extremely suitable for the storage of rainwater and recirculation water, and is also certified for drinking water. Our Enpex FPP film is very suitable for applications involving high temperatures, UV radiation, mechanical loads and where chemicals are added to the water.


The well-known PVC is a flexible material that is highly suitable for use in silo linings. It is also very suitable for the storage of various types of clean water. It is also easy to work with on location with adhesive, for example when installing outlets.


Our silo linings are supplied with cord, protection fleece and clamp profile as standard, as well as the highly effective Install+ fixing system. We can also fit the silo lining with pre-installed outlets in the desired diameter and in the desired position.


Thanks to our long history, we have many years of experience and specialist expertise. We produce high-quality customised silo linings at our production facilities using our high-quality welding equipment. We are also KIWA and ISO 9001 certified, which means we comply with strict international quality standards. This shows that quality is the foundation for everything we do.

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