Meet our people: Romke


Let us introduce you the people behind our film and water storage solutions

One of our longest-serving welding specialists

In the spotlight! Romke: one of our longest-serving welding specialists! Romke joined NPI almost twenty years ago. He is highly skilled and within NPI known for his marvellous detailed connections and hot air welding. He strives to continuous improvement of his welding techniques and even after 20 years he manages to find out a new welding technique.

His technical understanding has also contributed to the development of a variety of tools and equipment. One of his merits is related to the development of the perforator for punching the holes for the Install+ system, our system for connecting the liner to the tank.

During the years Romke did many welding jobs on location, both in the Netherlands and across the border. One of the projects that stands out most is the welding job they carried out in England. Romke was part of a welding team that welded prefabricated film panels together for a basin for a riding stable of polo horses.

But above all, he is proud of his team and the great output they deliver. We could not agree more!

Meet our people: Romke