New installation guide


How to install a water tank? The release of our new installation guide!

New texts and design

We are excited to introduce our updated installation guide for our steel water tanks! We took the time to rewrite our manual and the installation steps are now illustrated with graphics.

Easy installation

Installing our water tanks has always been easy; a small team and some basic tools are all you need. However, with this manual we try to make installation even simpler. We designed this manual for our customers so they can optimise the installation of our water tanks and get the most out of them.

What’s in the installation guide?

The guide explains, step by step, how to install our water tanks from A to Z. With the manual it is easy to identify the different components and the required parts. We also pay attention to preparing the groundwork and getting the foundation ready. We explain how the protective fleece and liner should fit into the tank. Later it tells how the tank should be filled with water, how to install in/outlets and how to install an anti-algae cover. We conclude the installation guide with maintenance tips.

Now always included with your order

This manual is from now on included with all our orders. The English version is included as standard but the manual is also available in other languages (Portuguese, Spanish, German and French). AsĀ an extra service for our customers: we also developed a neutral version of our installation guide, free from logo’s and branding. As we continuously strive for improvement, the development of this manual is an ongoing process to align perfectly with our customers’ needs.

Interested in our manual or do you have questions about the installation? Contact us!
installation guide