Excavated basins at breeding company, Tanzania


Project info

The past 10 years we delivered two excavated basins to a company that specialises in breeding cold-loving pot plants. These two basins found their way to their production location in Tanzania. The basins were installed in order to ensure sufficient availability of water for the cultivation in the dry season, also for when the rainy season is poor or even fails.

The first basin has a capacity of ca. 5000 m3 and stores both mountain water and several water flows returning from the proces. The second basin has a capacity of ca. 7750 m3 and in this basin fresh rain water is collected. At both basins ENPEX FPP 0,75 was applied as lining material, to the satisfaction of the customer. Ten years after application, the ENPEX FPP is still going strong! Even below the relentless African sun in Tanzania, located just south of the equator with an annual solar radiation between approximately 160 and 200 Kly. We are glad to hear once again that ENPEX FPP proves to be a great lining material for storing water. Besides a great UV stability it has excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance.

Both basins at this breeder have algae control by means of aerators and ultrasonic technology.