Lining of sludge basins, Harlingen

Over the past decades, NPI has supplied films for several sludge basins of the dredging and soil processing company Grobagroep at S&G in Harlingen. Due to the frequent mechanical supply and removal of sludge, the liners of a number of basins needs to be replaced, being at the end of its lifetime. Last week we started applying new film for a basin measuring approximately 40 x 30 metres.

As the storage of contaminated soil is involved, specific quality standards, requirements and regulations must be met. NPI is KIWA certified and hence we were allowed to deliver our services for this project of Grobagroep at S&G in Harlingen. We performed all activities under KIWA certification, complying with strict requirements of KIWA.

We expect to be back at Grobagroep later this year to line another sludge basin.