Rainwater harvesting silo for self-sufficient property, Portugal


Optimising rainwater collection

This rainwater harvesting silo found its way into the southern Algarvian mountains, near the city of Faro. The water tank was constructed at a private property for the purpose of optimising rainwater collection, to secure sufficient water supply. The residents live in a environmentally conscious way, dedicating themselves to self-sufficiency. During winter, the focus is on collecting rainwater to conserve water from boreholes. In the summertime, the dry season, the residents use the stored water for irrigating crops and as a water source for their primary residence.

Organic cultivation and household water

The residents grow their own vegetables and fruits biologically, without the use of any chemicals. The rainwater harvesting silo is essential for irrigating their homegrown produce. Additionally, the family treats some of the household water, which they then use for cooking, flushing toilets, showering and washing.

Harvesting rainwater

Rainwater harvesting involves collecting and reusing rainwater for various purposes and at various scales; it is practiced by both large companies and small businesses or at home. As it reduces water consumption, this process not only proves economically sustainable but also benefits the environment. Typically, rainwater is collected from rooftops. A decent system for storing rainwater is essential, and this is where NPI plays a role. With steel water tanks, we transform freely available rainwater into a valuable resource.

Water silo specifications

This steel water tank measures 14,63 x 3,05 and ENPEX FPP 0,60 mm serves as lining material. An airfloat covers the water, so the water remains fresh and clean. Interested to know our wide range of tank capacities and diameters we offer as a standard? Find them here.

rainwater harvesting silo