Water storage for a melon nursery, Maldives


Project info

Our water storage specialist Arjen van Dijk recently installed two water tanks at one of Maldives’ 1190 islands. This specific island is entirely covered by greenhouses of a melon nursery.

The melon nursery was until then completely dependent on water supply by boats. Small quantities would arrive on a regular basis and would be stored in small storage boxes. This supply did not meet the irrigation demand and therefore the customer decided to move on to water storage in large metal water tanks. Two water tanks were ordered in the size of 18,29 x 3,05 m, providing a storage capacity of 1600 m3 in total.

We could call these tanks rightfully ‘full option tanks’, because they are fully equipped with all extra options we offer. This includes panels with a minimum thickness of 1 mm, a coated bottom ring and a reinforcement ring for an anti algae cover. Although the tanks are positioned at a sheltered area of the island, with these options the tanks will be extra durable and will withstand severe Maldivian weather events.