Water storage for small-scale tomato cultivation, Bulgaria


Water storage for every facility

Delivered through a Bulgarian dealer, this water tank was installed inside a tomato greenhouse. This tank is 2,28 high and fits therefore perfectly in this greenhouse. It’s easy to find the right fit because we offer a wide range of tank sizes to choose from.

Tomato cultivation in Bulgaria

Many popular Bulgarian dishes feature tomatoes, becoming a staple in the country’s cuisine with widespread consumption. Despite challenges in tomato cultivation, Bulgaria has seen an increase in exported production over the past decade, with tomatoes grown throughout the country.

Benefits of water tanks

The use of metal water tanks in small-scale greenhouses like these for tomato cultivation combines durability, space efficiency and customisation to create an effective water management solution. They are a practical choice for growers looking to maximise the potential of their limited space while ensuring a reliable and durable water supply for their tomatoes. Ensuring safe and efficient water storage for enhanced crop yield.

water storage for small scale tomato cultivation in Bulgaria