Water tank for irrigation, Vietnam

Project info

This tank was installed at a greenhouse in Gia Lai. The tank has a diameter of 8,23 meters, a height of 3,81 meters and stores approximately 204 m3 of water.

The lining material used is Enpex FPP 0,75 mm; one of our top notch water tank lining materials. One outlet was installed in the bottom of to connect the tank to the irrigation system.

The tank was complemented with an ENPI Float Aircover. Water in outdoor storage tanks is more prone to contamination by algae, debris and sunlight. The ENPI Float Aircover is a cost-effective, simple but strong solution to protect the water. The surface of the cover is covered with small, air-filled bubbles, which makes the cover stays afloat. The top layer of the cover is white, which reflects UV rays. This reduces heating of the water in areas with high levels of sunlight like in Vietnam.

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