Water tank for walnut trees, Bulgaria


Water storage for walnut trees

Through a dealer we supplied a water tank for walnut trees in Bulgaria. Walnuts are very sensitive to water stress and depend on a consistent irrigation. That is why most walnut growers make an extra effort to ensure a reliable supply of good quality water. One of the options is to install a water tank where water to store water.

NPI water tanks

NPI water tanks enable a storage of a high volume of water on a small area. Storing water in a metal tank, it is perfectly possible to control the quality of the water. With the wide range of capacities and diameters we offer, there is always a tank size that fits the operation. In this walnut garden they opted for a tank with a diameter of 4,57 meter and a height of 3,05 meter. The dealer installed ENPEX FPP 0,75 mm as lining material.

Walnut trees in Bulgaria

The agricultural sector in Bulgaria is flourishing and the same are all the newly planted walnut gardens in the country. Bulgaria is one of the countries in the world that has a very suitable climate for growing walnuts. And so it is for amongst others cucumbers, tomatoes and grapes.

Water tank for walnut trees, Bulgaria