Water tanks for fish farming, Singapore


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Our customer Blue Aqua offers solutions and knowledge for the aquaculture sector. They advise farmers worldwide, from the technicalities of farm production to the construction of cost-effective and sustainable farming systems. They also grow and distribute their own fish and shrimp from their local farms in Singapore.

NPI delivered 20 water tanks for one of their intensive, land-based farms. This farm grows tilapia fishes and shrimps. The water tanks are equipped with a coated bottom ring, which provides extra protection against corrosion. In Singapore, land is scarce so relatively high tanks were installed.


Keeping control over the quality and quantity of water is essential for aquaculture in order to have the highest yield at the lowest costs. NPI produces water tanks to measure and we know exactly how to adjust the silos so they are completely suitable for fish farming. 

For instance, in fish farming there uses to be a great deal of work activity and splash water around the water tanks. When desired, extra protection to the tanks can be realized by coating the lower rings, increasing the sheet thickness or overlapping the liner over the edge.

Safety first

Safety is of utmost importance in fish farming. Besides the quality of the water, the water tanks need to be safe for both the people who work around the tanks as for the products. All our liner materials are suitable for contact with consumption goods. The materials do not give any substances to the water that can possibly pollute your water and they are very fish-friendly. Besides, all our tanks are certified and designed minimum 40% stronger than required for the storage of water, which is absolutely essential in aquaculture.

Water tanks for fish farming, Singapore
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