The strength of a water tank: how strong is your tank? 


Let’s dive into understanding the importance of the strength of your water tank

The importance of the strength of a water tank

It is widely acknowledged that water is an essential resource that fuels our lives. But have you ever thought about the critical role the strength of your water tank plays in ensuring a reliable water supply? Worldwide, various standards are applied regarding the strength of metal water tanks. We have sorted these various standards out. Which standard do we follow?

Safety factor

At NPI, we take pride in being market leader in producing and exporting modular water tanks. Therefore we perfectly understand that the strength and reliability of water tanks are of utmost importance. Did you know that many companies in our industry use a safety factor of 20% over the required strength for the storage of water? To clarify: this safety factor is a measure of how much a structure can safely hold beyond the anticipated load. At NPI, we design our tanks with a 40% safety factor.

strenght of metal water tanks
water tanks at power plant in Thailand
Water tanks at a power plant in Thailand

Why does this matter?

1️. Reliability: With a higher safety factor, we produce our tanks to meet even industry standards. In other words, we engineer them to endure pressures well beyond what one would expect in regular use. This elevated safety factor ensures NPI tanks can withstand unexpected stresses, extreme weather conditions, fluctuations in water pressure or other unforeseen challenges. And consequently, it provides peace of mind.

2️. Longevity: We engineer our tanks for long term use. By using a 40% safety factor, we are not just addressing current needs but preparing for the future.

3️. Safety: Safety should always be a top priority, especially when dealing with large volumes of water. The power of water should never be underestimated. Furthermore, the proximity of individuals that work in close proximity to metal water storage tanks heightens the significance of safety. A 40% safety factor helps to mitigate the risk of accidents.

So, concerning water storage needs, it is not only about quantity; it is about quality and reliability. NPI prioritizes our customers’ peace of mind, constructing water tanks that can withstand the test of time and unexpected challenges.

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