Water, whenever and wherever you need it!

How our tanks make water available in the far reaches of the globe

Water, whenever and wherever you need it!

Safe and fresh water is becoming more and more scarce these days and therefore it is important to use and re-use your water. Either it concerns irrigation, process water, cleaning water, fish farming or drinking water.

As such, it is no coincidence that our tanks have grown enormously in popularity in recent years. Our modular systems have several important benefits, allowing you to quickly install large water storage capacities wherever you need them.

Whether it is on a mountain top, in a forest or even in the desert; you can bring easily our compact modular system to any remote location. In this way NPI enables growers to cultivate crops everywhere, providing a safe way to store irrigation water. With our modular steel tanks we also make clean and safe drinking water available, even in the world’s most remote places.



Our metal tanks are modular which means they consist of prefabricated sections such as the metal panels, the tank liner, protection fleece, the cover, accessoiries etc. These prefabricated sections can be assembled on site, making water, and therefore prosperity, available at the hardest to reach places.


This prefabricated package comprises a complete construction kit including all installation materials (excluding tools). The water silos have been designed in such a way that they can be built with only manpower and a few simple tools. There is no need of electricity.


Our metal tanks are made specific to your needs. This way our water tanks can be prefabricated to meet any height or diameter and with different roof styles. Due to this flexibility we are able to bring water and to maximize volume at areas where it otherwise would be difficult to reach large water storage capacities.

Efficient transport

The compact size of the packets of our tanks make them extremely suitable for exporting them across the globe. Besides, especially for overseas export purposes, we have designed a short panel tank. In contrast to the standard panels, “short panel” tanks fit sideways in trucks and containers. This makes this tank type particularly suitable for shipping by sea container and thus to reach even the other side of the world.

Dealer network

NPI supplies local markets across the globe via an extensive dealer network. Our dealers are based in more than 60 countries worldwide, which means we are never far away.