World water day


Water storage as ultimate solution for the global water crisis  

This World Water Day, NPI raises awareness for the 2 billion people still living without access to safe water. As a leader in water storage solutions, we once again underline the importance of the collection and storage of water. The global water crisis is bigger than ever, with long periods of drought that affect various geographical areas around the world. 

It is all about taking action to mitigate the effects of drought and the global water crisis. NPI contributes with our water storage solutions in different ways. How?

1. Primarily: Installing water storage tanks to ensure water supply to communities

Our water tanks are installed in communities that face challenges in accessing clean and safe water. These challenges include climatologic factors, geographic location, lack of infrastructure, pollution, poor groundwater quality, rapid urbanisation and population growth. Installed tanks often store harvested rainwater or water trucked in from nearby areas. The water serves as drinking water or for domestic use, such as cleaning, washing, flushing etc. This way our water tanks serve as possible tool in the water crisis, helping directly to improve the health and well-being of thousands.

Water tanks for community water in Thailand
Tanks for community water in Thailand

2. Secondarily: Installing water storage systems to markets that feed the population: horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture and food industries

We have already installed thousands of water tanks at greenhouses, fish farming, farms and (food) processing plants. Water is essential in many sectors; it ensures good yields, production and is a cornerstone in many industrial processes. In this way, our water storage tanks feed the world’s population.

Water basin for tomatoes
Lining a 20000 m2 water basin for tomatoes

3. Water management: Contributing with our film solutions to sustainable drainage systems

    To cope with the weather extremes, we contribute with our films in sustainable drainage systems to retain more water. For instance, our films are installed for infiltrating gutters, green roofs and wadi’s. These water management systems collect run off water directly from roads, squares and parking lots. There they gradually filter the water into the ground. During heavy rainstorms, the sewer system is relieved and the soil gets well saturated.

    Permeable crates as part of a buffer field
    Infiltration crates as part of a buffer field

    Improved water storage solutions can make the difference between water scarcity with all its consequences and ensuring a sustainable future. Join us and let’s build climate resilience: let’s make every drop count!

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