Water tank supplier


Water tank supplier

At NPI you have found your partner for high-quality steel water tanks. We are a leading water tank supplier and manufacturer with global presence. As water becomes scarcer, it’s crucial to use and reuse it. Therefore, we produce and export reliable, durable and customised water storage solutions for various applications and markets. Efficiency, cost savings and security are our focus points

Steel water tanks

We manufacture our steel water tanks from top-grade corrugated steel, renowned for its exceptional structural stability and high tensile strength. In order to make the tank watertight, we line the interior of tank with a film. Moreover, our silos can be completed with a cover, several accessories and connections.

water tank supplier

Key features of our steel water tanks

1. Quality: Our water tanks are constructed from high-quality steel, consequently guaranteeing a long lifespan with less maintenance.

2. Versatility: With our water tanks we can meet very diverse needs of customers. Whether you require a water storage solution for residential, industrial, horticultural or agricultural purposes, we offer a solution. Therefore, different types of stored water include irrigation water, feed water, process water, emergency water and water for fish farming.

    3. Customisation: We understand that each project and facility is unique. That is why we produce customised water tanks to meet specific size and capacity requirements. We offer a wide range of capacities and diameters, making them suitable for any location.

    Transport and installation

    As a trusted water tank supplier, we have established a global network to efficiently ship our water storage tanks all over the world. The modularity of our water tanks also contributes to this: the silos consist of prefabricated sections such as the metal panels, the tank liner, protection fleece, the cover, accessoiries etc. These prefabricated sections can be very easily assembled on site, allowing you to quickly install large water storage capacities wherever you need them.

    The advantages of our steel tanks summarized

    • Durable, high-quality water storage solutions
    • Regulation of both water quality and quantity
    • Large capacities on small areas possible
    • We offer a large range of capacities and diameters with standard capacities up to 2500 m³
    • Modular
    • Easy installation
    • Cost-effective, global shipping because of compactly packed water tanks
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